Typo Ltd was established as a family business in 2012 with the key target market being Southern Africa with specific interest in Botswana and South Africa.

Our target markets are UK and Southern Africa.

Our initial focus is Botswana and South Africa.​

At the core of our business model is affordability, availability, accessibility and acceptance.​​

Vision & Values

To be leader in offering Solar as a Service and smart LED lighting in our markets, co-creating solutions locally to ensure affordability, availability, accessibility and acceptance.

Problem worth solving

Our target markets have abundant sun throughout the year yet the majority of the people are faced with energy crisis and exposed to unsustainable and hazardous options. We aim to bring clean and sustainable energy to them through solar and LED lighting adopting an innovative approach.

Our solution

Our solution is clean and affordable energy offered through a market specific tailored service. This is underpinned by a unique business model built around the concept of co-creation.

  • Build a strong network of supply chain partners
  • Local co-creation
  • Customer focus – social embeddedness
  • Make solar affordable, available, accessible and accepted in our target markets

  • Affordable and sustainable power
  • Reduce Environmental health hazards
  • Saving on kerosene, candles and diesel
  • Economic benefits – local SMEs and job creation
  • Improve access to services and knowledge empowerment via mobile phones and smart devices